A downloadable game

Knights Quest is a choose your own fantasy storybook adventure game. The game allows you to choose a myriad of choices that decide your adventure. Travel across the Golden Lands through deserts, forests, mountains, caves and more, battling unworldly monsters and creatures.


The Grand Castle is in turmoil, the beautiful Princess has been taken and it is up to you, a vigilant knight, to rescue her. To do so you must travel across the Golden Lands into the Dark Province, where an unknown evil now sees her reside in fear. The quest will be perilous and danger will be lurking around every corner as you make decision that could help you, challenge you or bring you to a swift demise.
Your quest begins in the verdant forests, just outside the Grand Castle walls where you are on the long road to the Dark Province.

Install instructions

Knights Quest require no installation, just download and play!


Knights Quest.exe 46 MB